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Founded in 2012, Teatro Travieso operates on the premise that theatre can create positive change in the world.

Teatro Travieso (Troublemaker Theatre) was established in 2012 under the direction of Jimmy Noriega. We embrace the premise that theatre can create change in the world, and use that as a generative point for collaboration. Through performances in English and Spanish, we aim to expose and disrupt the power structures that exploit and oppress individuals across the Americas. At its core, our company seeks to cause the best kind of trouble—the type that galvanizes witnesses to take action and fights for those who seek justice in this world.

The company’s first production, Encuentro: Peru!!, was devised during a five-week research trip to Peru in 2012. It was presented at four different locations in Lima: The Metropolitan Museum of Lima; Casa Teatro Arena y Esteras; La Universidad Científica del Sur; and Teatro Ensamble. In the U.S., it was performed at the College of Wooster. The production was honored as an official U.S. delegation to the UNESCO/ITI World Festival of Theatre Schools,

which was held in Romania.

Mujeres de Ciudad Juarez/Women of Ciudad Juárez (2014), Teatro Travieso’s second production, has toured multi-nationally to Belgium, Colombia, Canada, and throughout the United States. The show has been performed 34 times and has reached over 12,000 audience members.

Since then, our company has continued creating original shows, including two solo performances based on queer identity: Joto! Confessions of a Mexican Outcast (2016) and Trouble Down South (2017). These two shows, along with Women of Ciudad Juárez, continue to tour.

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